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Browns Canyon Rafting Trips

Best Family Whitewater Rafting trips in Colorado

It’s no secret that Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River is easily one of the best rafting experiences in the country. Amazing views, action-packed rapids, and some relaxing calm sections come together to make for the perfect 1/2 day or full-day outing.

Our Browns Canyon 1/2 day trip is by far the most popular and we offer it twice daily, mornings and afternoons! Because we end this trip on private property, we are able to hit two rapids you don’t get with any other company’s 1/2 day trips: Seidel’s Suckhole and Twin Falls.  Other companies sell this trip as a 3/4 day and charge considerably more. Don’t miss these classics of the monument.

If you’re looking for an all day Colorado whitewater adventure try our Browns Canyon full day. This trip begins in Buena Vista CO and floats all of the way through Browns Canyon with the addition of great rapids in the BV whitewater park, Beaver Falls and the Silver Bullet.



Considered one of the best rafting trips in the country, Browns Canyon is a great experience for everyone. Families, beginners, and experienced rafters all enjoy exhilarating class III rapids and amazing scenery in this remote granite canyon. Regardless of river levels, this gem always delivers on the promise of fun and excitement. With Independent Whitewater, you get two extra rapids and can experience all of the Brown’s Canyon National Monument on a half-day trip thanks to our private takeout! Other companies use a public access point, causing rafters to miss two of the best rapids in the canyon, Seidel’s Suckhole and Twin Falls. Our guides love these rapids, and you’re sure to love them too!  More miles, more smiles!

This 12-mile trip begins at Fisherman’s Bridge and takes you all the way through the beautiful Browns Canyon National Monument, where we navigate 11 class III and III+ rapids. Most of our Browns Canyon trips are done in paddle boats where everyone participates in the fun.

Browns Canyon whitewater rafting mixes fun, splashy waves with calmer sections. This gives time to appreciate this classic river canyon’s iconic beauty. Classic rapids like Zoom Flume, Pinball and Canyon Doors provide genuine excitement for experienced rafters and for first timers seeking the best family friendly whitewater rafting trip in Colorado.  

Once you experience the fun, splashy whitewater and stunning scenery of Browns Canyon National Monument, you’ll understand why we’ve been floating the Arkansas River for over 45 years! And why Browns Canyon is some of the best rafting in Colorado.  


Call today for a half day or full day trip! Let our experienced, professionally trained guides  take you down some of the best Class III rapids in all of Colorado. We will also provide you and your crew with FREE WETSUITS! (Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned after rafting in Salida, Colorado for 45 years, it’s that whitewater is more fun when you’re warm). 

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you and your crew how fun rafting the Arkansas River can be in Salida, Colorado. We want to give you the trip of a lifetime! Book today!  We want to share a slice of river life with you.