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Browns Canyon Rafting Trips

Whitewater Rafting in Browns Canyon, Colorado

It’s no secret that Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River is easily one of the best rafting experiences in the country. Amazing views, action-packed rapids, and some relaxing calm sections come together to make for the perfect 1/2 day or full-day outing.

We’re proud to offer the region’s longest ride on the Browns Canyon 1/2 day trip. Because we end this trip on private property, we are able to hit two rapids you don’t get with any other company’s 1/2 day trips: Seidel’s Suckhole and Twin Falls. We navigate 11 class III and III+ rapids on this route! Don’t miss these classics of the monument.

Considered one of the best rafting trips in the country, Browns Canyon is a great experience for everyone. Families, beginners, and experienced rafters all enjoy exhilarating class III rapids and amazing scenery in this remote granite canyon. Regardless of river levels, this gem always delivers on the promise of fun and excitement. With Independent Whitewater, you get two extra rapids and can experience all of the Brown’s Canyon National Monument on a half-day trip thanks to our private takeout! Other companies use a public access point, causing rafters to miss two of the best rapids in the canyon, Seidel’s Suckhole and Twin Falls. Our guides love these rapids, and you’re sure to love them too!  More miles, more smiles!