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Whitewater Rafting Browns Canyon, It’s Monumental!

a rocky river in the middle of a body of water

Deep in central Colorado, there is a wild river with some of the best river rafting in the US. The Arkansas River and the area between Buena Vista and Salida feature beautiful river access, amazing rock formations, and protected wild habitat. It is the highlight of the Browns Canyon National Monument.

In 2015, Browns Canyon was designated a National Monument, providing a 21,586 acre protected area of beautiful backcountry forests and the wild Arkansas River. Rated for Class III and III+ rapids, your heart rate will jump. The fun and excitement will make a memory you will not soon forget. Speaking of rafting down these amazing waters, in between the rapids, you may see some bighorn sheep or elk. Don’t just look at the riverbank. High above the river, see if you can spot a golden eagle or peregrine falcon, gliding on the air currents hunting for fish or small critters.

This experience is really about rafting the wild rivers and Independent Whitewater is the perfect place to find expert river rafters skilled in navigating the whitewater rapids in Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River. That is why Independent Whitewater was rated #1 for best tours in Salidas by TripAdvisor. Maybe you are looking for a half-day trip with the family or a day-long adventure down the river, Independent Whitewater has what you were looking for. Adventures await with Independent Whitewater.

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Written by Daniel, a friend of Independent Whitewater.